daily Schedule

7:30 open
8:30 starting time / art play , park play
12:00 Lunch / 給 食 お弁当
13:00 Nap Time / 午 睡
15:30 Lesson time(1hour)/ 英語、運動、文字知育、数知育 free play
17:30 finishing time
19:30 closing time

Yearly Event Schedule

April Entrance Ceremony/ Cherry Blossoms Viewing/ Easter egg hunting
May Strawberry Picking
June Cooking Day
July Tanabata (Star Festival)
August Summer Festival / Sleepover
September Excursion (Field Trip)
October Sports Day / Halloween Party
November Sweet Potato digging
December Christmas Party
Junuary Kite Flyihg / Ricecake Pounding
February Setsubun (Bean Throwing) / Art Exhibition
March Performance day / Doll Festival / Graduation Ceremony
*Special Events will be held yearly.
For example Sports Festivals and Art Days. The theme of these events will vary from year to year. The goal of these events is not to force parents and children into participation. It is to create feelings and memories to cherish for both child and parent. As such, parents and students will have a direct role not only choosing the themes of said activity but also be asked to assist in their preparation