Principal Miki Mckinney (Mother of 1)
Mrs. Miki studied Early Childhood Education in Chicago Illinois for 3 years, obtaining her degree in Early Child Care in 2000. After finishing school she worked for a nursery in Chicago before returning to Japan. Since then she has spent the last 14 years working at various international nurserys.

Teacher Rinako Matsui
Ms. Rinako has been a Nursery Teacher for 5 years. She did her studies in San Francisco where she majored in Early Childhood Education. Upon returning to Japan she began working at an International Nursery.

Teacher McKinney Damion(1児の父)
Mr. D is a native English speaker from North Carolina. He has worked teaching children in Japan since 2004, most recently at an international preschool where he taught not only English, but Reading, Writing, Science, Drama, and PC skills. He is a husband and a father of one.

Teacher Tomoko
Mrs. Tomoko studied English in the US before returning to Japan to become a Day Care provider. She has many hobbies. Currently her favourites are singing with a mothers` chorus and going to the gym.