At Happy Horizons we have Japanese teachers who speak both Japanese and English and also a Native English speaking teacher on staff.


While all children learn a lot from words that they hear, this is especially true for children ages 0-2. Hence a great deal of time and effort at Happy Horizons is put into speaking to the children in English. Thereby maximizing their exposure to the language. Once a child reaches age 3, they have heard so many words that they are now ready to learn and utilize them in the output phase of development.


By the time a child reaches the age of 3, they have begun to express themselves and make simple conversations. Using all the words that were absorbed during their input phase of development, the child is now ready to put all those words together to form sentence and communicate with those around them. The more a child tries to speak English the more they are able to reuse, remember, and retain English. That is why the daily language used at Happy Horizons is English.

*To facilitate understanding, Japanese is used when necessary.