Happy Horizons
3 minutes from Tokyu Oimachi Line Kuhonbutsu Station
8 minutes from Tokyu Toyoko Line Jiyugaoka Station


Name Happy Horizons International Nursery
*Name approved by the City of Tokyo via the Child Welfare Act
Address 〒158-0083
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 7-24-6 Okusawa
Tokyu Oimachi “Kuhonbutsu Station” 5-minute walk away
Telephone 03-6432-3070
Hours of Operation 7:30-18:30 Monday to Friday
Closed Holidays, Obon, New Years Holiday
Facilites 350 sqaure meter. Above ground made of wood, iron and concrete. Residence equiped with floor heating, toilets, bathing room, shower room, galley, medical office, staff office.
Student ages From 0(10 months) to 5 years old
Capacity 25 people
Food Service
Lunch and Snack provided. Ingredients include organic seasonal vegetables.
*Children with allergies must provide complete list to staff to allow for coodination of dietary needs.
School bus School Bus
Operating hours 7:30-8:30 17:30-18:30.
Within 5km of Happy Horizons.
Emergency Measures Fire and disaster prevention equipment on site. Automatic fire alarm, smoke detectors, flash lights, fire extinguishers.
Security: Secom
Physician Dr. Toshio Machi

Commitment to safety

・Emengency Drills carried out monthly , evacuation drills, a suspicious person training, you can prepare for an emergency.
・Two separate evacuation routes from school in case of disater or emergency.And disaster prevention / we work closely with the fire department, and can react quickly in any case.
・In case of emergency contact, please take advantage of our social media and HP, we will contact parents quickly.

Partnership with medical institutions

・In the event of sickness, it is possible not only to contact the parents, but also contact to the staff doctor, who can make simple diagnosis over the phone.
・When parents come to pick up their child, if you are going to the hospital, advance reservation is possible as well.