Daily Activity


We start our days at Happy Horizons with Circle Time. During Circle Time we do our morning greetings and provide the children with their first opportunity to aid in guiding the direction today’s adventures will lead us. There are many activities to choose from and each child is given a chance to express their thoughts and feelings in front of the group, on what activity they would like to do first. Students are given a say in how their learning day will begin, as oppose to the teachers deciding a “cookie cutter”, one size fits all activity, each child is allowed to make their own choice. This encourages individuality and self expression.

Activities discussed in Circle Time become actions as we move to Play Time. With everything from clay to paint to crayons and color pencils, every part of the child’s imagination can be turned into a visible reality. Through communicating with the children throughout the course of Circle and Play time, teachers are able to learn and then later on, anticipate what child’s language best allows each of our children to express their on unique creativity. Our ultimate goal through Play Time is not only to encourage children in what they are good at, but also to nurture a sense of courage to try things they have never done before. Thereby fortifying confidence and self esteem.

Color pencils in a hundred different shades allow children to dream up any number of worlds to draw and color.
An acrylic light table is a great opportunity to explore the behaviour of light as it passes through various objects.

Three near by parks provides not only a chance to run and frolic, but also allows for a multitude learning themes to be hatched for use later in the day.

After an adventurous morning, and a fulling lunch, it’s time for a quite nap! During which children can enjoy a rest before continuing on their day. Those not wishing to sleep may enjoy their time in the main room as well.

Learning through play is the Happy Horizon approach towards education. Lessons such as English, Japanese, Science, etc. are taught in a fun and engaging manner by our teaching staff with a collective 20+ years of experience in the child education field. We believe that this is a very important part of a child’s overall development. Therefore it is our goal to find each child’s learning switch through interactive games and activities. Lessons are divided by age (0-2 years old and 3-5 years old) and tailored to be both enriching and entertaining. Children also learn how to listen properly and participate in a classroom environment; a skill required to enter Japanese primary schools.

At this age, children are just beginning to learn what communication is. However, this part of their development comes mostly from the “input”. Absorbing the sounds and words that surround them on a daily basis. With that in mind, this age groups lessons and filled with new words and experiences presented in English through games and play.

Reading is vital to early child development. Through the reading of picture books, children are not only able to associate commonly heard words with pictures within the pages, but also are exposed to a plethora of emotional, moral, social and behavioural norms. Imagination, creativity, concentration and imagery are also nurtured by this activity.

Music and Rhythm
Movement to music is not only fun, but it exposes children to the wonder and beauty of melody and rhythm. The cognitive senses are exercised in this activity. And the joy of dancing and moving to an English song is an enjoyable activity for children and teachers alike.

*Activity times may change to morning time should the need arise.
* Lesson content varies weekly.

English lessons are held twice a week with our experienced Native Speaking English teacher. Rather than a standardized lesson, Children learn through Art, Science, and Musical based activities designed to enrich and make English something to be not only learned, but enjoyed!

Children relish in their developing ability to express their feeling and opinions effectively to both adults and their peers. This feeling of accomplishment nurtures a sense of acceptance and understanding. This positive emotion reinforces the bonds
between us all. In lieu memorization we opt to harness that emotion to not just maximize comprehension but nurture a true understanding of what it means to not only express ones’ self, but also to listen to others as well. This is what we believe to be the essence of communication.

Math, to a child, while seemly unimportant to everyday life, is an interesting and fun exercise to all children. “How many friends are here today?” “How many brushes do we need?”. These are real world examples of Math in action daily in the life of a child. Counting, adding, and subtracting can all be reinforced by taking these everyday examples and working them into an experience. And the goal here again is learning through play. To allow children the pleasure of enjoying something they didn’t even realize was a lesson.

*Swimming classes will become available soon.*
Children will be escorted to a nearby pool by bus where trained professionals will teach them how to enjoy swimming safely.
*Soccer club (JSA Japan Soccer Association U6 Certified) He have a certified soccer coach on staff who will instruct students in soccer fundamentals, teamwork and fair play.

(*Optional course. Addition fee required)

After an action packed day of learning, it is time to unwind with a little free play activity while waiting for their departure for the day.