Our Vision

At Happy Horizons, we believe that when children are happy and excited about their learning environment, they are free to develop their own unique creativity and imagination. The power of creativity is one of the most important tools we have to enrich our lives and the lives others.

Children, in a sense, have a large stake in the direction their lives take. And here at Happy Horizons, it is our goal to encourage our children to develop the skills necessary to excel in life. By respecting the uniqueness of each child, and helping them to unlock their natural individuallity and creativity, we believe exist within every girl and boy. To achieve this, Happy Horizons utilizes the “Reggio Emilia Approach”

A Message from the Director

“I strongly believe that if `language is the key` to expanding our understanding of one another in this global village we inhabit, then communication is the door though which we must pass. Being able to speak a foreign language while useful, is not in and of it self an end, only a means to an end. That end being the ability to not just speak to a person in their language, but to understand that persons’ cultural background as well. My desire is to nurture an environment of “communication” for all of our students. While at the same time instilling a sense of pride in ones self and their own heritage.”

Director Happy Horizons
Keisuke Machi