Children really seemed to enjoy them selves!

Hello, I’m Damion at Sky class teacher.

Today was a beautiful day and with all the rain recently we took advantage of the weather to venture out to Pokapokahiroba Park. Once we arrived, the cicada hunt began. And soon I was surrounded by the thing I fear most…freakishly large insects in the hands of small children…excitedly putting these things in my face. But I maintained and the boys really enjoyed themselves, most of them from a distance like me.


But that got my thinking. Just because we are scared or uncomfortable with something, doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to enjoy them. So upon our return, we broke out the clay. I asked the boys to remember the cicadas they had seen at the park. Then asked them to draw what they thought a cicada looked like. Afterwards we made clay cicadas that they buzzed and wreed around the room. They really seemed to enjoy them selves!

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