●Fire Project No.2

Once the kids had completed the fire station, it was all they played with for days. ” Oh no! There’s a fire!!! Call the Fireman!!!” is all I heard for the rest of the week. But then we kinda noticed that we had this pretty fire station but no “Fires” to put out! I mean, what else is a fire station good for huh? That was when someone came up with the idea to make burning buildings. We could have done this with Lego’s as well, but I thought we might as well get some actual learning in while we are at it. So what the heck, lets make the building our of milk cartons. We had to talk about shapes, i.e of the houses, triangles and squares etc. It was during this activity that the question was asked, by one of the kids I might add, “What do you do if a fire breaks out in your house?” What an awesome question I replied!

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