●Fire Project final

Finally, the day that everyone had been waiting for, and some of us stayed up all night for(right Hikaru?) Mr. Machi loaded us all in the Happy bus and we were off. On the way to the station, the kids told me all their experiences with fire fighters, trucks, and stations. “I saw a fire truck once!” , “I talked to a fire fighter once”! The excitement was palpable. I asked the kids to think of some questions that they might want to ask the fire fighters when we arrived. And there were many. “What do we do if the school bus catches fire?”, “Is if scary being a fighting a fire?”, “Why are you a fire fighter?” (my personal favorites). Of course when we arrived, they were WAAAYYY too excited to remember their questions. So they thought of new ones. “Can we get in the drivers’ seat”, “Do you have a Ladder Truck?”, “Can we get on that!?!?!” It was a lot of fun. for all of us.

Our thanks to the Den en Chofu Fire Department, for these smiles. Priceless.

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