●Fire Project No.4

By this point, our impromptu fire safety project was in full swing. Mr. Machi, being the kid’s/teacher’s best friend that he is, suggested we actually visit a near by fire station for real. “Oh, really, we can do that?” I asked in astonishment. “When do you want to go?” was the reply I got with a smile. Now we could really finish off this project with something special that the kids would most definitely enjoy.  We had to be quite and get some experiments out of the first thought. We started by posing a question….What is fire?  How can something like fire start out the size of a lighter and then consume an entire house? How does it move?  Does it breath? Using the old science teacher’s favorite, baking soda and some redish vinegar, we were about to find out!. First I ask the kids to draw me a picture of what they thought would happen if something, say a chair caught on fire.

Fire4-4 Fire4-3 Fire4-2 Fire4-1